Need a full Specification for a Sharp LCD component? Please contact your local Sharp Representative.

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LQ070Y3LG02 Prelim Prod Info.pdf 05/19/2016 146.25 KB
Industrial Application LCD colour brochure
05/17/2016 6.43 MB
LQ043Y1DY01 Prelim Prod Info.pdf 05/17/2016 145.54 KB
LQ190E1LX75T Prod Info.pdf 05/17/2016 142.53 KB
SHARP_Prelim_Prod_Inf_LQ156M3LW01.pdf 05/17/2016 150.31 KB
PCN-2016-0203-02.pdf 02/16/2016 84.28 KB
PCN PCN-2015-1214-02.pdf
DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE: Sharp is discontinuing the parts shown in the following Table; no replacements are available. There is a Last Buy opportunity available; orders must be placed by the Last Buy date as noted above. All Last Buy purchases are NCNR (Non-cancellable, Non-refundable). The Last Ship date is also noted above.
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