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PCN PCN-2014-1007-01.pdf
Due to a supplier’s sudden discontinuation of a key component, Sharp is discontinuing the LQ235D1LW03. There is no replacement for this part.
10/22/2014 68.86 KB
specifications SPM_25W_Ra80_GW7MMCxxGZC_v3.pdf
Intermo Module - 25W Ra80 SPM series
09/29/2014 620.88 KB
specifications SPM_25W_Ra90_GW7MGCxxGZC_v3.pdf
Intermo Module: 25W Ra90 SPM series
09/29/2014 911.39 KB
specifications SPM_35W_Ra80_GW7MMDxxGZC_v3.pdf
Intermo Series: 35W Ra80 SPM series
09/29/2014 977.36 KB
specifications SPM_35W_Ra90_GW7MGDxxGZC_v3.pdf
Intermo Module: 35W Ra90 SPM series
09/29/2014 987.43 KB
specifications SPM_50W_Ra80_GW7MMExxGZC_v3.pdf
Intermo Module: 50W Ra80 SPM series
09/29/2014 980.09 KB
specifications SPM_50W_Ra90_GW7MGExxGZC_v3.pdf
Intermo Module: 50W Ra90 SPM series
09/29/2014 981.92 KB
intermo-zenigata_slim.jpg 09/29/2014 90.5 KB
Intermo-zenigata_standard-slim.jpg 09/29/2014 86.06 KB
PCN PCN-2014-0919-01.pdf 09/22/2014 73.15 KB