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PCN PCN-2017-0110-01.pdf
Sharp is making strategic lineup changes and is discontinuing the part numbers shown in the Table on the following page. There are no direct replacements for these parts. A Last Buy opportunity is being offered. However, a Last Buy Forecast is required to ensure available quantity to meet the Last Buy requirements. - “Mini-, “Mega-, Special, (“Tiger-, “Tuneable White-, and “Natural Tone-) Zenigata” LED Lighting Modules
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PCN-2016-0714-01R.PDF 10/20/2016 221.68 KB
PCN PCN-2016-0714-01R.PDF
Sharp is superseding the LS013B7DH01 which has been in service for over 6 years, with the newer, more modern, LS013B7DH05. Please see the Table for a comparison of the differences. A Last Buy opportunity is being offered.
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Industrial Application LCD colour brochure
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