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PCN PCN-2013-1114-01.pdf
Due to supplier EOLs, Sharp is discontinuing the LQ057V3DG01 LCD Module with no replacement
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Application Note LQ150X1LG96 Specification.pdf
LQ150X1LG96 Specification
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Application Note LQ150X1LG11 Specification.pdf 03/21/2014 717 KB
LQ121S1LG86 Specification.pdf 03/21/2014 1.13 MB
13052 LQ035Q3DY01_PrelimSpec.pdf 03/18/2014 1.29 MB
Application note Interfacing_LCD Panels with Microcontrollers AppNote.pdf
The purpose of this application note discusses how to drive a TFT panel using typical processors found in embedded applications.
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Application Note LCD Backlight Technologies AppNote.pdf 03/05/2014 804.96 KB
White Paper LED Backlighting for LCDs white paper.pdf
LED Backlighting for LCDs white paper
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application note LVDS Interfacing AppNote.pdf 03/05/2014 573.65 KB
Making the Right Display Choice_Industrial_whitepaper.pdf 03/05/2014 204.5 KB