Sharp LEDs: A Bolder and Brighter Step Forward in LED Lighting


Check out our latest High Power offerings in the Mega-Zenigata line: Up to 80 watts output, and over 6000 lumens. No sacrifice in CRI with an Ra of 82, and Sharp's proprietary phosphors which give you true Reds based upon our high R9 value. Put Sharp innovation to work in your application, some of which include: General Lighting/Illumination; Indoor/Outdoor; Hospitality and retail Lighting; Commercial Building Lighting, whether for Architectural or general illumination; Public Space Lighting, including Street, Station, Bridge, or Security Lighting; and Industrial Lighting, whether for Factory or Warehouse uses.


LEDsLED ModulesLED Drivers

Insight into the latest requirements gives Sharp’s broad line of standard and high-brightness LEDs trustworthy performance in optimized packages.

Inspired thinking means Sharp LED Modules require no special mounting methods – designs are less expensive to build, quicker to-market.

Sharp’s LED Drivers pack advanced functionality, adaptability, features, connectivity, and reliable control into a compact footprint.

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