AC Drivers

Accelerate your design with Sharp's advanced LED Drivers. Match your needs with one of our devices for a drop-in solution that eliminate design problems.
Our new AC Line-voltage-input, direct LED array drivers are compatible with all dimming systems – even existing SCR dimmers – and give you a choice of two drive wattages. Sharp LED Driver ICs are purpose-matched to solve common design headaches, and give you the option of adding an Ambient Light Sensor for intelligent control, or use Logic, 3-line Serial, or I2C. Models with failsafe circuits are available, as well as soft-start, animation, or gradation controls. 
Lighting Selector Guide:
Pack performance into the smallest dimensions with Sharp’s solutions for Lighting, Sensing, and Power handling.
Part Name Dimensions LED Configuration Max Number of LED Peak Output Current Input Voltage Range Input Frquency Electrical Isolation
PQ1AS10A0K 41 x 28.7 x 11.4 Series 29 50 100 -120 50/60 Class 2
PQ1AS10C0K 41 x 28.7 x 11.4 Series 29 150 100 -120 50/60 Class 2