DC Drivers

Accelerate your design with Sharp's advanced LED Driver ICs. Match your needs with one of our devices for a drop-in solution that gives you the option of adding an Ambient Light Sensor for intelligent control, or use Logic, 3-line Serial, or I2C. Models with failsafe circuits are available, as well as soft-start, animation, or gradation controls.
Sharp LED Driver ICs are purpose-matched to solve common design headaches. Stop worrying about how to drive the LEDs in your design (whether high-power type or backlight) and get to market quickly with Sharp.
Lighting Selector Guide:
Pack performance into the smallest dimensions with Sharp's solutions for Lighting, Sensing, and Power handling.
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Part Name Parallel Configuration Series Configuration RGB LED White LED Input Voltage Output Current Step-up Switching Frequency Source Voltage for LED anodes Control Summary Package Type Package Dimensions
IR2E46Y7 3 2 sets of 2 LEDs in series 1 pair 2 sets of 2 LEDs in series 2.7 to 4.5 155 1.2M External (to 4.5V) Built-in step-up Coil I²C bus 33-pin WLCSP 3.6 mm x 3.6 mm x 0.82 mm
IR2E53Y7 6 (RGB) 18 sets of 6 LEDs in series 6 18 LEDs 3.0V to 4. 25.9 660k Built-in step-up Charge pump I²C bus Auto-brightness control with ambient light sensor 35-pin WLCSP 3.57 mm x 3.57 mm x 0.875