Ambient Light Sensors

Breakthrough design means stable light measurements at varying temperatures. With curves matching that of the human eye, the resulting measurement is what is naturally expected; meaning little engineering time spent in compensation circuitry. Form factors include packages as small as 1.6 mm × 2.0 mm.

Applications include: Mobile phones, auto-brightness controls for mobile and handheld devices, Television and monitors, and Cameras.

Part Name Description Supply Current Output Current Peak Sensitivity Illuminance Range Ev Supply Voltage Output Voltage Range RoHS
GA1A2A100SS Transparent Body, Straight leads. 500 Transparent Body, Straight leads. 555 10 lx to 10000 lx 2.7 V to 3.6 V 0 ñ Vcc -1.0 Yes
GA1A1S203WP Miniature, surface-mount package 70mA Miniature, surface-mount package 3 lx to 55000 lx 2.3 V to 3.2 V Yes