Power Devices

Isolation Devices
Isolation, safety, and innovation. Sharp packs advanced power-handling capability into smaller packages. Our Photocouplers feature a variety of input and output options, including AC- and DC-input, High speed, Opic (Optical IC), Phototriac, and Isolated Gate Driver models. We have devices that cover a wide range of both input and output voltages and currents. Applications cover a broad range from heavier power handling to small portable devices.

LDO & Switching Regulators
Sharp offers a broad range of both series and switching regulators with multifunction features including on/off control. The series regulators are Low Drop Out (LDO) and include the SOT-23-5, SOT-23-L, SOT-89, SC-63, TO-220, TO-263, TO-92, TO-220, and TO-3P ranging from 180 mA to 10 A output current. The switching regulators are Chopper type and include SC-63, TO-263, and TO-220 packages ranging from 0.8 A to 3.5 A.

Solid State Relays
Sharp provides the industry's broadest line of SSRs with Triac output used in AC load switching and control. These devices include low current control, zero cross, non zero cross detection and some models include the snubber circuitry for stabilization and switching noise suppression. Sharp's SSRs are made for implementation in either 100V or 200V lines with models available that meet the stringent reinforced isolation requirements for European safety standards. Packages including DIP6, DIP8, DIP16 and SIP4 output currents range from 60 mA to 16A. Applications are primarily industrial for motor control, HVAC, and home appliance applications.