Custom Camera Modules

The world’s eyes are on Sharp’s custom camera solutions. Consider us your go-to provider for your next camera module for these high-volume applications:

  • Smartphone
  • Automotive
  • Wearables
  • PC/Tablet
  • Other cutting-edge consumer electronics



The Sharp Advantage

Our engineering team offers fresh approaches to solve your unique design challenges...helping you develop your industry’s most groundbreaking products. Our compact, space-saving designs further ease your design process.

Other advantages:

  • Advanced focus technology (OIS, piezo stabilization)
  • Market-leading package sizes (low z-height, Lens-on-Chip)
  • Proven Automotive-grade cameras
  • High-yield, high-precision manufacturing processes
  • Global support capability
  • Solutions developed for the world’s most innovative product manufacturers

Contact Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas today and let’s discuss your custom design requirements.