Sharp CCD II Technology

Harnessing Near-IR Light for Extreme Applications

In the photoelectric conversion region of a CCD, the light collected by each micro-lens is converted to electric charge. In a traditional Near-infrared Light Region (NIR) solution, since the wavelength of NIR light is longer than visible light, most NIR light passes through the photoelectric conversion region without being captured and converted.


Near-IR Conversion

Sharp’s CCD II technology significantly expands the photoelectric conversion region to allow efficient conversion of NIR light to electric charge.


Low-Noise Performance

In many imagers, infrared (IR) capabilities also compromise visible light performance with image blur and smear artifacts. NIR signal levels are typically smaller than those of visible light; thus, comparatively more noise reduction is required than in a visible light region.

Photographic Example

Here, you see a photographic example of the visual detail detectable by applying NIR light.