Sharp Free Form Display

Sharp Reshapes the Display Industry

Built on innovative IGZO technology, the Sharp Free-Form Display (FFD) is a revolutionary advance that enables displays to be cut into in virtually any shape. This opens up a new world of possibilities for designers of automotive, wearable, and other types of products.

Conventional Display Designs vs. FFD

Conventional displays are rectangular because they require a minimal bezel width to accommodate the gate drivers around the display’s perimeter.


Gate Drivers

• At the edges of the panel

• Source Drivers - COG or TAB

Gate Driver Monolithic

• GDMs require bezel space

• Wide bezel is the result

Narrow Bezel

FFDs move circuitry out of the bezel and into the active area of the display. This allows for a thinner, more stylish bezel, and enables cutting the display substrate into virtually any shape.


Narrow Bezel

• No wasted space for circuits or drivers


Gate Drivers

• Integrated into pixel areas

• Source Drivers – on films

IGZO: The Enabler

• IGZO’s high electron mobility enables FFD technology by providing higher light transmissivity and increased "on-display" circuit integration. These small, high-performance transistors allow room for logic to be driven in the pixel itself.