Sharp Progressive Super View (PSV)

Sunlight Low as 100 nits

Sharp's PSV technology enables LCD viewability in direct sunlight down to 100 nits, without the need to "high bright" the display. This delivers savings to the power budget and decreases heat from the backlight, making heat mangement simpler.


This is a photographic example of Sharp’s LQ035Q3DY01 PSV LCD performing in direct sunlight at different brightness settings




PSV works by eliminating surface and internal reflections in the LCD to make the blacks more black – thus creating higher contrast in high ambient light conditions. PSV also delivers images free of parallax or metallic appearance. The following two photos compare PSV with conventional anti-reflective and anti-glare technology.








Additionally, with PSV, internal reflection from the metal layers inside the LCD enhances the brightness of the LCD when white or a color other than black is shown.




External Luminance: 20,000 lx; Panel Screen Luminance: 500 cd/m2