Memory LCD Technology

High Resolution. Long Battery Life. Thin, Lightweight Design.

Traditional graphic display module solutions include bi-stable, cholesteric, and STN technologies. These present a variety of design and performance issues, including high driving voltages, slow response time, image retention, complicated interfaces, and others.

The Memory LCD combines matrix technology with a one-bit memory circuit embedded into every pixel, so information is retained once it's written. This allows design of products with ultra-low power consumption and long battery life. It also delivers higher resolution, shock and temperature tolerance than e-paper (electronic paper) displays.

Data Memory in Each Pixel

An embedded driver chip and peripheral circuit are located on the LCD glass.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Power consumption for 1.35-inch and 2.7-inch Memory LCDs

The Memory LCD requires just 1/40 ~ 1/80 of an STN-LCD’s power consumption and 1/1000 of an AM-TFT LCD’s power consumption.

• Excellent reflective display performance without the need to add a backlight.

• The embedded pixel memory stores graphic data – so no continuous refresh is required for a still image.

• Less power consumption is required during refresh than for traditional graphic displays.

Rapid Image Refresh and Updating

• Memory LCDs have faster response time than traditional graphic or bi-stable displays, enabling video and scrolling text.

• Cholesteric, STN, and e-paper displays require longer times to update the display image (several hundred milliseconds).

Top-of-Class Visual Performance

• High-Resolution capability for graphic images
  - 0.150 mm pixel pitch or narrower

• High Contrast for good indoor/outdoor readability
  - Cholesteric and Reflective STN have below 10%; contrast and color are affected by temperature.
  - Viewable in any light, from edge-of-vision darkness to brightest sunlight
  - Reflective, plus Transflective models

• High Reflectivity for good indoor/outdoor readability
  - HR Type: 20% (typ.)

• Wide/symmetrical viewing angle
  - Up to 170° × 170°

Simple 3-Wire Interface

The Memory LCD features simple 3-wire Serial I/F connectivity (SI, SCS, SCLK).

• Only a 3 V / 5 V single power supply is required*

• Only a 3 Capacitors Required.

• Fewer peripheral components = simplified design process.

*Depending on display model